Praise for “The Road to Freedom”

“Arthur Brooks knows, as America’s Founders knew, that free enterprise underpins the moral case for human freedom. Economic freedom produces unimaginable material prosperity, but it’s also the only economic form that encourages individuals to freely pursue their destinies, develop the character of self-responsibility, and strengthen communities. Brooks eloquently confronts the growing threat to economic freedom and human fulfillment and describes the fundamental choices Americans must make to get back on the right road.” — Rep. Paul Ryan, (R-WI)

“Once we lose the connection between work and reward in this country, we lose what makes us distinctive in the world. Nobody lays this out as clearly and persuasively as Arthur, and a lot of my members are really warming up to the way he makes the case.” – Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY)

“It is true, but insufficient, to argue that free enterprise makes us better off. Arthur Brooks makes the indispensable point that it also makes us better. Having stumbled far down the road to serfdom, we are much in need of Brooks’ trenchant case for a change of course.” — George F. Will, columnist, journalist, and author

In ‘The Road to Freedom,’ Arthur Brooks makes the most compelling case yet that free enterprise is not just the concern of policymakers in Washington: it is the concern of every American citizen, because it lies at the heart of our culture and who we want to be as a nation. Free enterprise is the only system that allows us to live fulfilled lives and take care of those around us, and every American who desires change needs to read and internalize this message.” —  Tracie Sharp, president, State Policy Network

“Arthur Brooks has written an important and timely book on how we can reverse the slide of America into European-style social democracy. Brooks’s vision is that America became a prosperous and great nation through the free enterprise system of individual opportunity and entrepreneurship and that we should once again embrace this strategy as a nation. He intelligently discusses the fundamental principles of ethics, fairness, helping the poor, providing a safety net, health care, and the proper role of government in a free enterprise economy. He suggests a number of sensible policy reforms, which if our nation embraced them would relatively quickly solve many of our most serious economic challenges. I heartily recommend this book as an excellent road map to create a prosperous, socially just, and ethical society.” — John Mackey, CEO and Co-founder Whole Foods Market

“With his latest book, The Road to Freedom, Arthur Brooks not only seizes the moral high ground on behalf of free enterprise, he provides readers with the road map so they can, too. When you close the book, you will have opened the door to understanding what the progressives have been doing, why they have been winning and how you can personally make a difference in the fight for liberty today.” – John Tillman, CEO, Illinois Policy Institute

“Hayek, Mises and even Milton Friedman should have had Arthur Brooks on hand to co-author their defenses of the free market. Not only does Brooks use plain language, he gets what the others struggled to understand: freedom is a moral issue. Brooks is an authentic conservative who knows how delicately human freedom is bound to human nature and experience. His new book, The Road to Freedom, should be read by every politician, every economics professor and by every serious defender of the free market.” – Paul Mero, president, Sutherland Institute

“In The Road to Freedom Arthur Brooks seeks to reverse the trend toward statism in the world’s prosperous and developed democracies. His argument comes down to a suffix: People governed by their elected representatives versus people governing by their elected representatives. In that little part of speech lies the difference between the liberalized society of America and the socialized society of Europe (which America soon may get). It is the difference between being free and having a few freedoms. America’s tradition of being free provides greater economic growth and efficiency, better distribution of opportunities, and larger possibilities for the pursuit of happiness. But what’s really important about being free is that it’s moral. Individual liberty and personal responsibility are right. Collective restraint and communal irresponsibility are wrong. The Road to Freedom is a road from wrong to right.” — PJ O’Rourke, Author and Humorist