Helping Those in Need

We have a moral duty to help those in need — not only those close to us, but also strangers, and even enemies. Everyone agrees the most vulnerable should have special support; however, many don’t understand the role that a free enterprise system plays in alleviating the suffering of the poor.

Free enterprise has made life better today than at any other time in history.

Free enterprise is the backbone of progress. Progress has raised standards of living for all Americans, but it has lifted up the poor more than any other group. Today economists understand that there is a causal link between greater economic freedom and a higher quality of life. Only in a free enterprise system is entrepreneurship embraced and promoted, leading to job growth and expansion. This growth lifts up the rich and the poor alike.

Free enterprise is not simply an economic system, however. For the system to work effectively, advocates must inherently trust and embrace its ability to lift everyone up. The reason lies in the individual’s worldview. When meaningful social action resides with the government, the government becomes the solution to all of society’s ills. Alternately, if individuals feel not only empowered but also responsible for making a positive impact on their world, then they will work to empower job creation, economic growth, freedom, and charity.

Free enterprise creates opportunity and prosperity, not only by raising the economic standards of life for all Americans — rich and poor — but also by giving Americans a moral imperative to act.