Earned Success

One thing all people want in life is Earned Success.

When our Founders promised the “pursuit of happiness,” what they were really promising was the ability to earn our own success—to create value with their lives, and create value in the lives of others. This is not about money, fame, or power. Those are just measures of earned success. Other measures—maybe the ones in your life—include help to others or the creation of something beautiful.

There is no common material origin of earned success—your earned success can come from your career, your friendships, your community, and your family. But you must earn it through hard work and merit.

When your success is achieved through hard work and your personal achievement, you create satisfaction that cannot be otherwise replicated. The system that makes this possible for the most people is free enterprise. 

In the free enterprise system, we are able to define the measure of success for our lives.  Do you want to work hard at your job and make a lot of money in the process? Do you want to start a company? How about a charity that helps others? Do you want to create great art or beautiful music? Or do you prefer to spend less time in market work and spend your time raising your kids?

In the free enterprise system, you don’t have to ask a bureaucrat or a king for permission to do these things. And don’t look for a bailout or state subsidy. You simply have to figure out a way to make your dreams work, relying on the sweat of your brow and ingenuity.

Big government is getting in the way of our earned success.

In today’s big government system, we no longer reap the benefits and rewards of our own hard work and sacrifice. Some cannot start on their dreams, making success impossible. Others look for handouts, so their success is not earned.

The country has reached a tipping point.  The welfare state is on the brink of collapsing under its own weight, and the fight to preserve free enterprise is more important than ever.  To avoid this collapse and point America in the right direction, we need a system that encourages competition and rewards achievement based on merit.  Only in the free enterprise system are people free to pursue their own ends and achieve real earned success.

The opportunity to work toward our own vision of success is the foundation of free enterprise.  It is the American Dream.