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Advocates of the free enterprise system often shy away from making the strongest case — the moral case — for free enterprise because of a misperception that morals and policy don’t mix. However, all evidence shows that as humans we are, in fact, inherently moral beings. People demand a moral system — a system that is fair and that enables people to flourish and takes care of the least fortunate.

Despite reluctance by many to weave morality into politics, numerous public policy arguments have succeeded because their advocates made a compelling moral case. It is easy to forget that our country is founded on a moral promise, specifically the rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The Founders did not promise happiness itself — only its pursuit — leaving it to us to define happiness in any way we see fit. This is the promise of self-realization.

America is failing on its moral promise. To preserve self-realization and to allow us to flourish as individuals, free enterprise must be protected and strengthened.

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