For students, the events of the next 10 years will help set the course of your life: graduating from college, entering the work force, repaying student loans, earning an advanced degree, and/or starting a family. All of these milestones become more difficult when jobs are scarce and taxes are high. Explaining to your friends why the government should downsize rather than create more handout programs is not easy, so it is important to get educated on the arguments.  Here are some ways to learn more and make a difference on your campus!

  1. Bring an AEI scholar or speaker from the Road to Freedom speakers bureau to your campus. AEI scholars and Road to Freedom speakers are eager to make the case for free enterprise on university campuses. Organizing a campus event can infuse students with new ideas, spur fresh discussions, and influence campus debates. Contact Karin Agness to learn more about bringing a speaker to your school.
  2. Join the AEI academic community.  AEI has many opportunities for students.  Consider spending a semester or a summer as an intern at AEI or participating in the Summer Institute program. Many resources exist for students wanting to learn more about our nation’s policy challenges from a free enterprise perspective. AEI’s Values & Capitalism project is a great place to start, as is The Enterprise Blog. Visit the AEI website, like AEI on Facebook and follow AEI on Twitter. Get the latest AEI articles delivered to your email by registering here.
  3. Review “The Road to Freedom” for your school paper or write an op-ed. “The Road to Freedom” contains arguments seldom heard in the classroom. One way to expose a large number of people to these arguments is to review the book in a campus publication. Contact for a review copy. Inform your fellow students of the free enterprise position for various policy challenges by presenting both the moral implications and the facts. Here’s an example of a recent op-ed by Arthur Brooks that makes the case for free enterprise from a moral perspective.
  4. Promote free enterprise ideals in campus life. From dining policy to residential life to professors only offering one side of the debate, opportunity exists to argue for free enterprise when making the case for changes in campus life. Show your fellow students why free enterprise ideas matter by connecting them to practical, real-world issues. Did your professor use “The Road to Freedom” or did you reference it in a class discussion? Email us at to let us know how you promoted free enterprise on your campus and we will send you a free signed copy.
  5. Read “The Road to Freedom” or another book on economics with your student group on campus. The Values & Capitalism project has a series of eight books on topics like the morality of democratic capitalism, environmental policy and how to help the poor. Contact to request a set of books for your student group to read together.