Citizen Leaders

The policies put in place today create the American legacy we will leave for our children. We all want to leave the next generation a fairer society and one that’s full of opportunity. Listed below are ways you can help make the moral case for free enterprise

  1. Read and share “The Road to Freedom” with your friends and family. If you value the arguments laid out here, order the book for yourself, give it to your friends or family and plan a discussion group for those who read it.
  2. Arm yourself with the latest ideas and information. Use AEI’s website and The Enterprise Blog as a resource on the critical topics of the day. Your local state-based free market think tank can provide news and analysis of significant local issues. Think about the morality behind these arguments so you will be ready to discuss them effectively with your friends, family and coworkers.
  3. Start a blog or write to your local paper. Expressing your values and beliefs on important local or national issues is essential for changing public opinions about free enterprise. A blog or an op-ed can help spark conversation and make people question assumptions they may have about the moral value of the free enterprise system.
  4. Get involved in your local community. Without an engaged citizenry, government’s natural tendency is to grow. Politicians at all levels give benefits to gain favor or expand their power, and unless you stand up for the limited government you believe in, the cycle will continue. Find a local group dedicated to fighting government overreach, and if one doesn’t exist, start your own or connect with a national organization to form a local chapter.
  5. Give sacrificially. For the American experiment in free enterprise to survive, the American community needs to stay strong. Our society faces many challenges, and it is up to citizens to show these can be solved without government intervention. The call for all believers in free enterprise is to sacrifice time, money and talent to solve local and national problems. Free enterprise advocates should also support the many nonprofit organizations battling for better policy in today’s local, state and federal governments.