Business Leaders

Arthur Brooks explains why business leaders must make the moral case for free enterprise.

As entrepreneurs and business leaders, you are at the heart of America’s free enterprise culture. You innovate to solve the problems of tomorrow and create the jobs that allow Americans to earn their success. In today’s environment, however, business leaders everywhere are vilified and insulted, often for the sins of others, but at times for their own success. For those leaders who care about free enterprise, there are two important steps to successfully making the case. First, you must condemn cronyism and promote fairness instead. Second, you must be able to explain to those around you — your employees, the media and other business leaders — the morality behind your business.


What others are saying about this video:

Matthew K. Rose, AEI trustee and Chairman and CEO of BNSF Railway“Arthur Brooks levels a charge that few in business ever hear: stop talking about your company’s dollar value and talk instead about its moral and social value. America’s businesses bring earned success, fairness, and opportunity to millions across the world. Business leaders who are serious about strengthening our culture of free enterprise should watch this video and spread its message far and wide.”

John V. Faraci, AEI trustee and Chairman and CEO of International Paper“Arthur Brooks captures what every business leader must realize: that we need to champion the value our companies create for our communities and society. We must proactively defend the free-enterprise system that creates more opportunity for more people than any other system ever devised. This is an excellent, concise statement for how to make a stronger case for freedom, opportunity, and free enterprise.”

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