Take Action

The past century has seen the slow collapse of the American free enterprise system. Though 70 percent of Americans claim to love free enterprise, government has slowly crept into more and more aspects of our lives. The reason for this is simple: Americans are busy people living very full lives. We don’t have time to learn about and fight each new regulation or law. We dedicate our time to many things, such as our families, careers, churches  and local communities. These things are important, to be sure, but while we’ve been busy enjoying the pursuit of happiness promised by our founders, the very system that makes that pursuit possible has slowly withered in the hands of politicians and bureaucrats. Now we are close to a breaking point, with crushing national debt, burdensome taxes and low economic growth. Our children may not be able to live the full lives we’ve enjoyed, as high unemployment becomes the norm and social services are slowly taken over by the government.

But it’s not too late to act. For those who care about free enterprise, we need to start making the moral case. We need to share these ideas with other free enterprise advocates and change the national conversation from materialism to morality. In the sections below, you’ll find ways to get involved and resources to help you make your case. From writing for local papers to rallying with like-minded friends to simply talking to coworkers around the water cooler, each of us has many unique opportunities to make the moral case for free enterprise.



Public Officials

Business Leaders