The Road to Freedom

“The Road to Freedom,” the 10th book by Arthur C. Brooks, does what few other books on economic policy have done before — it makes the moral case for the free enterprise system.  While most books analyze the material effects of free enterprise or the social ills it supposedly creates, Arthur examines what truly matters: how does free enterprise affect the moral center of American culture?

By appealing to the writings of the Founding Fathers, social science research and public opinion data, the book demonstrates that free enterprise encapsulates the American notions of fairness and service and allows each individual to live a flourishing and prosperous life. No other system promotes these values as extensively as does American free enterprise.

Arthur provides a roadmap for bringing America back to our free enterprise roots. By explaining how free enterprise principles can be translated into a governing philosophy, substantive policies and tangible reform, “The Road to Freedom” explains how mainstream Americans, who overwhelmingly support an opportunity society, can take back our country in the years ahead.

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