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Arthur Brooks on “Ryanism”

Arthur discussed the hope that Paul Ryan brings to the Romney ticket on Fox News. According to Arthur, “the problem with the Republican Party from the point of view of a lot of conservatives over the past ten  years is that it’s drifted toward being a kind of a minor version of the democrats when you talk about government spending…But Ryan has basically disentangled this. He’s somebody with real conservative principles but believes we need a safety net, believes that Medicare shouldn’t be abolished but should be saved in a responsible way and has a plan to do it.”

Lori Sanders

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  1. Jake Witmer

    Paul Ryan is worthless. His plan doesn’t do anything to cut the size of government. It lyingly claims that slowing the growth of government is the same as “cutting” government. Paul Ryan claims to admire Ayn Rand, but it seems he hasn’t read, or at least hasn’t comprehended “Atlas Shrugged.” Moreover, Ryan favors foreign intervention, the drug war, etc… He tows the status quo’s line of BS. If you trust Paul Ryan, you’ve clearly illustrated that you can’t be taken seriously as a political thinker. Paul Ryan represents the status quo of unlimited state collectivism.