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The Blaze

From Arthur’s article in “The Blaze” today:

America is built around the shared values and aspirations of mobility, opportunity, and merit. Even if only, say, half the outcomes in our life are due to merit, that’s still the half within our control. We should focus on increasing the role of merit, not dismiss the idea because it’s imperfect. Without a belief in meritocratic fairness, we have little incentive to work hard, be honest and optimistic, and create value in our lives and the lives of others. Fatalism and envy are simply not American values.

Besides, what is the alternative? There’s only one: a society based solely on luck or power. In other words, we can fashion a society around the idea of merit, however imperfect, or just give in to a society of bank bailouts and corporate cronyism.

So how do we become a fairer society? We have to rely more on the institutions that support merit and less on policies that reward naked power. Policies that allow and support free enterprise and entrepreneurship make it more likely that we’ll have a meritocratic society based on hard work, ingenuity, and responsible risk taking.

Lori Sanders