A Tale of Two Interviews

My morning started off well. After great radio interviews with the “Frank Beckmann Show” in Detroit and “KCMO Morning News with Greg Knapp,” I moved on then to a wonderful interview on “The 700 Club.” Pat Robertson was great — excited for the book and ready to make the moral case for free enterprise. He asked wonderful, engaging questions, and I was able to discuss my ideas about the morality of capitalism with ease. We could agree on everything from the source of human flourishing to today’s important clash of visions.

I also had the opportunity to go on with Thomm Hartmann. Knowing I’m headed into one of the top liberal radio shows in America, I try to be prepared for whatever would ensue. I knew that first I needed to make my moral claim for free enterprise, and in the end, we were able to find a few things to agree about. We spent a little too much time arguing over the nuances of health care policy, but there was an underlying theme to our conversation where we came together. We both want a fairer health system to make sure individuals have the ability to pursue their dreams, even if that means striking out on your own and becoming an entrepreneur. While we could never come around to agreeing on what that looks like, we were both able to start from the same position — the need for fairness and opportunity.

Any conversation about politics has to start this way. Conservatives need to recognize the moral ground of their opponents and be willing to discuss their own. Only then can you move on to discussing the policies to best achieve the fair and just society you both desire.


Arthur Brooks