Are current policies helping or hurting the economy?

Fox News has a new poll out, asking whether Obama’s policies have helped or hurt the economy. I know, I know, you hardly should decide a question like this by public opinion.

Still, the responses are interesting: More people think the president’s policies have harmed the economy than helped it. this mirrors Mitt Romney’s mantra–which I think came from Peggy Noonan–that “he made it worse.”



So why do people think this? Unemployment is down a little bit from the 2009 highs. Economic growth is weak but positive. There must be a deeper reason than this week’s numbers.

I think the answer is the perception that the government is taking our econ0my and nation in the wrong direction. Every sentient being in America knows our massive government spending is unsustainable. The future is being mortgaged. The “hurt” is for us and our children in the long term.

Arthur Brooks